Anne Biss

Anne will take commissions for maps, words, letters, and names.

Things to think about for a commission.

1. What style do you want? For maps this would mean an O.S style map or street map. For lettering this would mean the style of font, big and bold, delicate, colour preferences, whole words or just initials?

2. The size and scale. If a wall piece where might it hang? The price of the finished piece will also depend on the size.

3. For a map commission find a map to show the location you want. Please ask for assistance if necessary. Think about the special things you want marked, such as a house, a walk, a pub.

4. Presentation of the finished piece. Although maps are shown in the images here, the same options apply to all commissions :

Option A) With a card mount/behind glass? The embroidery would be presented to you ready to take to the framers. The edge of the white ribbon indicates to the framer where the edge of the card needs to be.

card mount ready for framers

Option B) Padded and mounted on a fabric covered frame ready to hang.

mounted on fabric

Option C) In a float frame ready to hang.

float frame option

5. Timing. This is very important. Your piece of work is unique and special to you. Before stitching starts Anne will need to ask you some questions. She will draw out the piece and ask you to check details before she starts to stitch. This could take two or three weeks, depending how quickly each party responds. Depending on the size of the work, the stitching could take 6 to 8 weeks or more. Therefore please allow plenty of time if you want your piece completed by a deadline date i.e. a birthday.

6. Payment. You will be asked for a small non-returnable deposit before the work commences. However, once complete, the work will be delivered to you and if you are not completely satisfied, you may return it to Anne and no further payment will be required.



Client Statements :

Mrs F had a map made of her own home area :

"Thank you very much for the map you embroidered for us – spot on! And it is now being framed."



Mrs E had a map of favourite walks made for her husbands birthday :

"Delighted. Many thanks. Can’t wait for M’s birthday."



Mrs B had a map made for her parents special anniversary, showing a family holiday location :

"Everyone loves it ! My Mum and Dad are absolutely delighted and were totally surprised. My brothers were really, really pleased. It is beautiful and brought back lots of memories."



Mrs P had a map made for a friends birthday, showing the location of her house :

"The recipient of your beautiful map was as pleased as we thought she would be. To quote 'one of the loveliest presents I’ve ever received.'."